1. how do I make payments?

    • online: we will email you a link to your choice of paypal or stripe (card payment)

    • with a card at the start of your trip
  2. transport between locations

    as of June 2018, we are looking into sourcing a 12 or 15 seat passenger van to ferry all participants in. Until that is completed, trips will be in either a hire vehicle or using participants transport.

  3. trips for 2018 are limited to the Central Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA, why?

    this is the setup summer and logistically only a centralised location can be managed. The area of the Colorado Rockies chosen provides a very wide range of geology in a very small area, covering Pre-Cambrian to recent stratigraphy, sediments, igneous and metamorphic rocks along with interesting structures and landforms. It is possible to cover the majority of topics in this region.

  4. where to in 2019?

    USA: one or two 1 week trips to California – Mojave & Death Valley in late Q3 or Q4, Utah in early Q2, Nevada – perhaps…

    Europe: trips to the UK (SW England, Scotland, Spain (Pyrenees), S. France & Germany (Rhine Graben) are all possibilities

    drop us a note if you are interested in any of these and we will try to prioritise what you want to do.