legal & policies

  1. release and waiver of liability

  2. privacy
    • the only information we collect and keep are the details you supply on the “contact us”, “subscribe” and “booking form” pages;
    • the cookies used are for payment, identifying geo-expeditions on social media sites, basic site usage (analytics) and spam mitigation
    • geo-expeditions inc. will never collect, store or sell your information for any reason other than to supply geological field trips you voluntarily enquire about. The only information we have is that you submitted on the website and provided in emails that you correspond with us and, if subscribed, which news/posts you were sent;
    • all financial transactions are handled by third parties (PayPal, stripe  and  square). At no time does geo-expeditions inc. handle any of your card details and thus cannot have those stored anywhere. We do not accept cheques;
    • we do not include third party advertising;
    • only links to social media sites that do not require their tracking cookies (e.g. share but not like on Facebook) are used;
    • If at any time you want the details we have about you removed, contact us and we will delete everything we have, no questions.
  3. insurance

    • geo-expeditions carries professional liability insurance and is covered for all its activities globally.

  4. pre-trip refunds

    • for pre-configured trips, a full refund is possible up to 24 hours prior to your trip, minus the booking fees that the payment handling companies charge (~4%);

    • for custom trips, the refund amount depends on the amount of work already completed and whether this work is transferable to other geo-expedition inc. activities.
  5. on-trip cancelation policy
    • this covers the main situations that may arise. It is not comprehensive but covers most common reasons for a trip, or part there-of, to be cancelled. Full (whole day lost) or part (normally 50%) refunds when:
      • geo-expeditions inc. is unable or unwilling to run the trip;
      • an emergency situation arises and the trip stops to deal with the situation;
    • geo-expeditions inc. reserves the right to refuse to accommodate any unruly or disruptive individuals or parties and expel them from the trip without refund. This will be at the sole discretion of the geo-expeditions inc. trip lead.
      • this is the main reason a minimum age of 10 years is recommended and why pricing is per participant.
  6. poor weather policy
    • if the weather makes exposures (geological locations) dangerous the trip will endeavour to use less exposed alternatives. Where no alternatives are possible and a day or part of the day is cancelled, a refund will be made;
    • inclement yet safe weather will not constitute reasons for a refund.
      • the definition of “safe” varies as a function of the physical severity given on the trip description. A trip with an “easy” physical rating will be called off under much less severe conditions than one classified as “extreme”, which would take place under most conditions.
  7. other terms or conditions
    • none at present