revised schedule

unfortunately, the 2019 trip list has had to be revised due to other commitments. There are still 4 segments, but the initial SW England trip has moved to be after the revised Scotland one:

  •  UK in late spring/early summer  
  • Colorado for the summer;
      • any of the Colorado trips can be book during these dates:
        • June 30 – July 28
        • August 15 – September 05

by emailing  or calling +1 (970) 368 3299

For 2019, we have added a day trip in the Rocky Mountain foothills west of Denver.

after booking we will contact you by email with further details (logistics, payment etc.).

2019 trips overview

the 2019 trip list is now available and is split into 4 segments:

places can be reserved for any non-Colorado trip by completing a booking for the trip you are interested in on the calendar. Alternatively you can email or call +1 (970) 368 3299.

Colorado trips folow 2018, please select date(s) and trip(s) on the calendar to reserve your slot. Alternatively email or call +1 (970) 368 3299.

in all cases, we will contact you by email with further details (logistics, prices for the non Colorado trips etc.).

Folded schist with dolomitic bands.


the opportunity for volunteer trips is now closed

a big thank you to everyone who contacted us about volunteering for a new trip. The present round of reviews is now full. This offer will probably return as new trips are added.

Take care


more anti-spam

tweaked the spam stuff to a different system (CleanTalk). Got rid of the Google reCAPTCHA , for now at least, but it did mean adding a cookie…

next task is to get the 2019 calendar published…

happy holidays to one and all.

spam mitigation now in place

lots of spam hitting the blog since the recent post so have had to add Google reCAPTCHA when someone wants to post a comment. Sorry for the extra step.


2018 Q3/Q4 review

hello, here’s a quick review of the summer and autumn (fall) activities

it’s been several months since the last post and even though the blog has been quiet, things have been moving at geo-expeditions central. We hope to increase the cadence of posting as things develop during 2019. If you’d like an update not on the blog, drop us an email ( and you will get a quick reply. Most likely, you’ll inspire another blog post or two…

so, what has happened since the last post requesting volunteers for pilot trips? Fortunately, we had several people offer to critique the trip designs and content and would like to thank those volunteers for their tolerance as we ironed out the rougher patches. Their precise and detailed feedback has been incorporated into the trips we piloted and the home page is being updated with an edited selection of the comments we received. Here’s a photo of Peter discussing the internal details of a volcano with Cyndi (thanks to Russ for the picture):

we were fortunate to get some time to do reconnaissance in both the US and the UK. Thanks to all the attendees at Rockfield for the time spent looking at Gower geology. It reminded Peter how important managing timing at exposures due to tides is in the UK. 20 years away had dulled his memory of that aspect.

the 2019 season is shaping up nicely. In addition to the summer focus on the central Rockies, with possible trips to Utah and Wyoming, there will be at least four trips in the UK (S.W. England (x2), Wales and Scotland) and one, possibly two, to California. Others may be added as the season develops.

a post will announce those dates very soon, promise.

Take care


volunteers needed for test trips

we are seeking a few brave people to trial the “essentials” trips for free. In return, you will be asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire about each location visited, provide written feedback on your experience and make recommendations on improvements. You may attend just one or multiple of the essentials trips.

If you are interested, please contact us.