S.W. England

S.W. England

This field trip presents the regional geology of the SW Peninsular of England by visiting outcrops consisting of sedimentary and meta-sedimentary lithologies ranging in age from Mid-Devonian to Early Jurassic.

Sedimentary and structural features are examined to see how the various lithologies respond to deformation in different tectonic regimes. Synthesis of the information obtained from the exposures is progressively integrated into a geological understanding that can consistently explain the meso-scale observations.

This trip involves 5 days in the field.  Locations on the Bristol Channel and Atlantic Coast of Cornwall are visited.

PLease note, this part of the UK is a major tourism destination with numerous cultural, historical and similar locations. Such activities can be added/substituted if a less technical trip is requested., Please contact us to see if we can customise your trip.


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